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Ok whats this all about right... I know we barley have time to search the internet while making new content and covering events.. now that its winter on the east we are are always checking out content of our own cause.. lets face it .. we are gear heads too. What's hot is a collection of content we found awesome on the internet we thought you guys might like to check out... so here goes nothing!

Donut Media

We can make this simple.. awesome host.. cool history.. hilarious format .. your gonna get hooked! Thank us later!


Christian Perez does a great job of reporting what is happening on youtube in the Honda Community! There is a new episode every Monday night at 8 pm! Click the video below, you won't regret it!

Keep Gunnin 

Check out our boy Ghost_boy_ Aki and his own youtube channel Keep Gunnin. You have seen us catch cover more than just his car in the past, here's your chance to see all the behind the scenes stuff you may not have seen before.